About this blog

This blog aims to be intelligent. Intelligence, in this case doesn’t imply high IQ. Intelligence here points to a definite focus on thinking, a rigorous questioning of assumptions and estimating the chances of those assumptions to come true. Intelligence here points to avoiding half-baked logic.

The purpose of this blog, have been to channel the wisdom of the greatest minds of our history. From Plato to Munger, Marcus Aurelius to Machiavelli their ideas serve as an inspiration on how to see things.

With those ideas as the framework in mind, I try to analyse investment opportunities, policy making and mechanism designs.

At this point, you might be wondering who I am ?

I am a practitioner of value investing. I maintain a concentration of holdings, tend to analyse my opportunities in a rational way and try to make money out of the same.

I am also a citizen of the world. Hence I have a tendency to analyse policies and actions from the same analytical view point.

If you need any help in consulting with an acquisition, managing your portfolio or engaging me as a consultant- you can contact me through the contact form.

Some word of praise

Thank you for the write up it is one of the best I have read

-Narasimha GM

Great Job. But please keep writing regularly like this

-Kiran Dhanwada

It is nice to meet another investing fanatic.

-John Chew

 Beautiful series-keep up the work 🙂


I really enjoyed your work.Great Job…Keep it up

 -John Huber
Saber Capital Management,LLC


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